Professor Jangle

Music that Rocks: For Kids and their Families!

Concert Descriptions

Professor Jangle Concerts

are available in 3 formats:

1.  Children's Concerts

2.  Family Concerts

3.  21 and over Concerts

Each concert features music that is fun, upbeat, and easy to sing along with, with as Professor Jangle seamlessly weaves back and forth between Singing Soulful Vocals and Playing Sizzling Electric Guitar Leads, to huge sounding, Fully Orchestrated Back Up Tracks, that always include Bass, Keys, Drums, and Harmonies, or More!!!

Children's Concerts

*Jam with Professor Jangle

This concert is all about audience participation and focuses on the idea of actively engaging audience members in the concert, as opposed to asking them to listen only.  Children are invited to get involved in the show from the get go, in several different ways.  In addition to an Air Guitar Contest (Free Professor Jangle CD to the winner:), audience memebers literally Jam with Professor Jangle via  the modalities of Call and Response Singing, Playing Body Drums, Singing Along, and even getting called up to the stage to Play Purcussion Instruments or Sing Back Ups with Professor Jangle.  Several of the Original and Classic Children’s Songs in this concert are from Professor Jangle's itunes release: Yellow Rubber Duckie, which has earned worldwide attention, with sales in the USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany and the UK! 

*Communities Rock

This concert is similar in design to Jam with Professor Jangle, yet adds the instructional element of teaching children, as the show unfolds, that a community is a place where people live, learn, work, and play together. 

Please note, these concerts are each a P (Performance) and are available as a FP (Family Program), or an AS (After School Program).

Family Concerts

 “Families Rock!!!”


…is based on the idea that Children and their Families (including the Grownups!!!) can rock to the same beatJ 

This concert is all about… enjoying Good, Clean Fun Together, with the Wonderment, that is Music.

Professor Jangle’s “Families Rock” Concerts are Guaranteed Fun for the Whole Family.  Each performance features a wide range of musical styles including Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Folk Rock, and Reggae.

The songs themselves are all Professor Jangle's Catchy Arrangements of Originals, Traditional Children’s Music, and Classic Favorites that have influenced his Singing, Songwriting, and Guitar Style throughout the years. 

Classic Covers in the show, hail from Well Known Artists including The Beatles, The Who, Paul Simon, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Bob Marley and many more!!!


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21 and Over Concerts

21 and Over Concert

These concerts are geared for adults! Several of the Classic Cover songs from the Families Rock!!! concert, are included here, as well.  The difference is that at these shows, no children's music is played at all!  Additionally, these concerts may contain songs such as Margaritaville and others that contain lyrics not appropriate for the Children's and Family concerts.