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Music that Rocks: For Kids and their Families!

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Sweet Morning Music Presents

Professor Jangle's

Yellow Rubber Duckie

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Liner Notes

Album: Yellow Rubber Duckie

Artist: Professor Jangle

Style: Children's Rock

Safe, Fun Music that Rocks! For Kids and Parents!

1. Iko Iko (Arr. PJ)

New Orleans flavor with familiar Nursery Rhyme lyrics)

2. Animal Fair (Arr. PJ)

(A traditional favorite, done Reggae style with a catchy refrain...
What became of the Monkey?)

3. Turn On My Nightlight (Arr. PJ)

(Let It Shine! A Family friendly take on the original by Deadric Malone
& Joseph Wade Scott)

4. Baa Baa Black Sheep (Arr. PJ)

(Have you any wool? Plenty of guitar and vocal harmonies- Fa La La...)

5. Back To 11 Again (PJ)

(A fun Folk Rock song about Counting: Featuring help on harmonies,
bass, drums & keys from The Earthtones-Thanks Guys!

6. Yellow Rubber Duckie (PJ)

(Lead Guitar Driven Blues with Attitude and funny lyrics)

7. I'm a Little Teapot (Arr. PJ)

(A straight ahead Rocker ... "Tip Me Over & Pour Me Out!")

8. I Love My Rooster (Arr. PJ)

(A traditional Folk song set to a Spicy, Latin rhythm)

9. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain

(Arr. PJ) (Additional lyrics and big
Bluegrass style harmonies)

10. Jazzy Zazzers (PJ)

(Instrumental featuring Trumpet & Lead Guitar: Jazz/Rock Fusion)


* All Rights Reserved

C 2006

* All Instruments and Vocals by Professor Jangle, with help on Back to
11 Again, from The Earthtones, as listed above.

* All songs Engineered & Produced by Professor Jangle

* All songs recorded at Sweet Morning Music Studios, in Upstate NY



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